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What we’re all about, who we work with, and how we work with you to get you back where you need to be.

Dr. Becky Campbell is a board-certified doctor of natural medicine who was initially introduced to functional medicine as a patient. She struggled with many of the issues her patients struggle with today, and she has made it her mission to help patients all around the world with her virtual practice.


Dr. Becky Campbell is the founder of Dr.BeckyCampbell.com and author of The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan and The 4-Phase Histamine Reset Plan She has been featured on multiple online publications like Mindbodygreen, Bustle, Popsugar and more. She has been a guest on the Mind Pump Podcast, Harder to Kill Radio and many others as a thyroid health & Histamine Intolerance expert.


Dr. Campbell specializes in Thyroid disease, Autoimmune disease and Histamine Intolerance and hopes to help others regain their life as functional medicine helped her regain hers. 

Although Dr. Campbell oversees all cases in her practice, she works with other highly trained practitioners so that her practice can function optimally.

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We work with patients with a wide range of chronic health problems, from digestive disorders, to chronic infections, to autoimmune disease, to hypothyroidism. Patients who do best under our care:

  • Don’t want to rely on unnecessary drugs and medical intervention for the rest of their lives

  •  Are interested in discovering the underlying cause of their problems, rather than just suppressing symptoms Are motivated to play an active role in their own healing process.

  •  Are willing to make the necessary dietary and lifestyle changes to support health and well-being



One way to think of us is as “health detectives.” We focus on identifying and addressing the underlying cause of an illness, rather than just suppressing symptoms.

Like all detectives, we use a variety of tools in our investigations, including, detailed questionnaires, a thorough medical history and examination, and comprehensive laboratory tests (blood, urine, stool testing & more).


We then use nutritional & herbal therapy, stress management, detoxification, and lifestyle changes to eliminate triggers and restore proper function and balance.


Deep and lasting healing are only possible when the root causes of illness are addressed. By understanding the core systems of the body, how they are related, and how their function can be restored, many chronic illnesses can be prevented and even reversed.

“Dr. Campbell’s team has a completely different approach than I have ever heard of and believe me I have tried everything. Through her treatment plan I was able to lose 40 pounds! I feel so good now.”


“My life will forever be changed because of Dr. Campbell’s team and I will thank her every day for helping me get pregnant after years of trying with no results.”


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