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The Pros and Cons of the Keto Diet

What is the Keto Diet? The ketogenic diet has exploded in popularity over the past couple of years. People are ditching carbs and sticking to a high-fat way of eating to help shed weight, but also gain control over certain health conditions. But, as with anything else, there are pros and cons of the keto […]

The Truth About Coconut Oil: Is Coconut Oil Healthy?

coconut oil

Coconut oil has been deemed a superfood over the last couple of years, and many people have started including it as a regular part of their diet. But, is coconut oil healthy? I am going to dive into the truth about coconut oil and help clear some of the recent confusion surrounding this oil. If […]

The Paleo Approach for Kids

paleo for kids

I am dedicating a large part of this year to working with busy moms who want to feel and look their best and stay active with their kids. A large part of being able to keep up with the kids involves meal prepping like a pro and of course, fueling your children’s bodies right! A […]

Juice Fasting 101: The Pros and Cons

Juice Fasting

Fasting is becoming more mainstream today, and more people are turning to fasting to help kick start their weight loss efforts. Some people juice fast to give their body a good detox after overindulgence during the holidays or over a vacation. No matter what the reason, there are some things you will want to know […]

The Top 9 Foods For Hashimoto’s

Top 9 Foods for Hashimoto's

Food plays an integral role in our overall health, including the health of our thyroid. In this article, I am going to talk about the top 9 foods you should be eating if you have Hashimoto’s. These foods support the thyroid, nourish the body, and don’t trigger inflammation. A huge part of getting into remission […]

The Best Hashimoto Diet

Hashimoto's diet

Diet plays an integral role in every aspect of health, so it only makes sense that there is a specific diet for Hashimoto’s thyroiditis. Specific dietary strategies can greatly reduce symptoms, and even possibly eliminate the need for medications. Food is just one of the things we can take control of. It’s up to us […]

Conventional Dairy vs. Raw Dairy

conventional dairy vs. raw dairy

The Dangers of Conventional Dairy Plus the Important Facts About Raw Dairy Dairy is a hot topic, and for those of you who follow a Paleo diet, chances are you have eliminated dairy from your diet already, however understanding why dairy can be damaging to health is an important step in living a healthy lifestyle. […]

Why Fat is Not the Enemy

Fats have received a bad rap over the past decade. For a while “low fat” diets were all the craze. Doctors and even nutritionists were recommending that everyone should follow a low-fat diet as a way to promote heart health and lose weight. Now and days, things have changed, and many diets such as the […]

Why Eating Gluten Free is Not a Fad

Why Eating Gluten Free is Not a Fad! Gluten free diets have become more and more popular, and this diet is certainly more than just a “fad.” In fact, a gluten-free diet is more beneficial to your health than you may think as gluten can cause problems for those who don’t suffer from any type […]