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High Cholesterol-The Real Cause

High Cholesterol

High cholesterol is something that many Americans suffer from, and modern day medicine is very quick to write a statin drug prescription, tell you to avoid fatty foods and send you on your way. The issue with this approach is that it’s out of date and may not necessarily be the best approach at all. […]

Is a Low Carb Diet Right For You?

Maple glazed butternut squash

While a low carb diet can be good for certain conditions, there are a lot of cases where a low carb diet is not a good idea. When patients first come to see me I like to tailor their diet based on what I find in their health history and their testing results. Many of […]

Traveling Diet

Dr. Becky Travel Food

How to maintain your healthy diet while traveling. Think it’s possible to have a healthy diet while traveling? Explore with Dr. Becky Campbell the ways of enjoying your trip without sacrificing flavor. “My patients often ask me how I eat when traveling or choose the right options when eating away from home…it’s quite simple actually, research is […]

Dr. C’s Top 3: Fermented Foods

Fermented Food

Probiotics are all the rage with good reason! The good bacteria or probiotics found in fermented foods can improve digestive health and also give your immunity a boost. With optimal digestive health, we enable our bodies to better absorb the natural vitamins and minerals in our diets and to flush unwanted substances out. This detoxification […]