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How Too Much Exercise Can Make You Gain Weight26 Jun 2018

Until I turned 27, I had never had an issue with my weight. I was eating a healthy diet and exercising 6 days a week, doing high intensity training for over an hour each day. Yet I was gaining more and more weight, 30 pounds to be exact! I couldn’t understand why I was working [...]

GUEST BLOG POST: How Paleo Can Help You Cope With The Menopause19 Feb 2018

Guest Post By: Allison Thompson of Paleo Living Today I want to share a guest post with you from Allison Thompson from She talks about how a Paleo diet helped her cope with menopause and avoided needing any type of medication. 5 years ago I found myself facing a major scare in my life.  It [...]

The Top 3 Roadblocks That are Keeping Supermoms Without Their Powers11 Jul 2017

So many busy moms are desperate to find the secret to gaining more energy throughout the day. Let’s face it, being a mom is busy and often times exhausting. The truth is that many supermoms today are being held back from their full potential due to three roadblocks getting in their way. These roadblocks suck [...]