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The Paleo Gingerbread Spice Mix you Need for Holiday Baking7 Dec 2017

The holiday season is in full swing which means holiday baking has also begun. I love baking for the holidays but since following a primarily paleo-style diet for many years now I am always looking for healthy alternatives to holiday sweet treats this time of year. I have developed a homemade Paleo Gingerbread Spice Mix recipe. [...]

Give the Gift of Health: My 2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide4 Dec 2017

Can you believe that Thanksgiving came and went and that Christmas is only three weeks away? The holiday season always seems to creep up on me and figuring out what gifts to buy always presents itself as a challenge. When I started to think about gifts, I started putting together this healthy holiday gift guide [...]

A Ridiculously Delicious Paleo Hot Chocolate29 Nov 2017

Traditional hot chocolate is always loaded with sugar, dairy, and artificial ingredients. However, this time of year it's nice to be able to cozy up with a warm drink. There is just something about the holiday season that makes hot chocolate that much more delicious. So…I created a good for you Paleo hot chocolate recipe [...]

Food Sensitivity Symptoms + How to Reduce Them21 Nov 2017 We have all heard of food allergies and food sensitivities, but understanding the difference between the two and getting to the bottom of the foods that are causing unwanted symptoms is a huge step in getting better. I often ask my patients if they suddenly feel like they cannot tolerate a certain [...]

My Favorite Safer Skin Care and Make-up Products2 Nov 2017

I love makeup…not heavy looking makeup..but natural looking makeup. The kind of makeup that doesn’t even look like you are wearing any but that just naturally compliments your skin. There’s just something about makeup that makes you feel so much more attractive! But here’s the thing. Makeup is full of lots of crappy toxic ingredients. [...]