If you still suffer with symptoms then your Thyroid is NOT “Normal” despite what lab tests may say!

Most thyroid treatments are based solely on TSH values but this approach fails to address many of the underlying dysfunctions that cause thyroid symptoms. Dr. Becky Campbell takes a completely different approach.

Thyroid Scan

We offer a new comprehensive thyroid treatment approach that focuses directly on the underlying source of your thyroid problem through advanced lab measurements and functional endocrinology!

At our clinic we take a completely functional approach to managing Hashimoto’s and Hypothyroidism. Unlike most medical doctors, we do not simply glance at your labs and tell you, “it’s ‘all in your head”, or lead you to believe that you are just depressed. We know there is more to it than that, and our goal is to make your body function optimally, not just make a few numbers on your lab report look good, and ignore the fact that you still don’t feel well.

What Makes South Florida Functional Medicine Different?

We have combined the best of functional endocrinology, functional blood chemistry analysis, and functional immunology to bring local residents an exciting addition to their thyroid care, that moves beyond the simplistic thyroid replacement only model.

We offer a patient-centered, whole-person, functional metabolic approach that gives our patients the opportunity to feel energized, vibrant, and truly feel good again. We have written about our unique approach in my Special Thyroid Report.

The information contained in this special report holds key pieces of information that very well may be the answer to your thyroid questions. We understand that just because your lab values are ‘normal’ it does not mean that everything is OK.


“Dr. Becky Campbell focuses on the underlying Metabolic Dysfunction with a Functional Approach”

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