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The Optimal Reset Plan


This Program Gives You A Step-By-Step Plan To Reduce Inflammation In The Body, Reinvigorate Your Health And Help You To Uncover Your Personal Food Sensitivities.

Product Description

Do You Want To Discover EXACTLY What Foods Are Keeping You From All-Day Energy & A Fast Metabolism?

Do you want to:
  • Finally feel relief from your worst symptoms like digestive issues, skin irritations, exhaustion and weight gain?
  •  Understand what foods you’re eating that are causing harmful inflammation in your body, and know exactly what foods you should eat to feel amazing all the time?
  •  Follow a proven system developed by a Doctor of Functional Medicine that has worked for hundreds of patients?
  •  Stop the cycle of feeling sick, tired, and overweight?

In this comprehensive program, you’ll get:
  • Training modules from Dr. Becky to understand inflammation and the issues toxic foods are causing in your body
  • A step-by-step guide to eliminating toxic foods from your diet, one by one
  • A full 30-day meal plan to follow for foolproof success
  • Over 40 body-healing recipes
  • A grocery list and eating guide
  • Worksheets and a food diary to track your progress and pinpoint the foods you don’t tolerate


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