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Safe Skincare & Makeup Routine

I get a lot of questions on social media asking me about my skincare and makeup routine.

As I have stressed in the past, the best thing you can do for your skin is supporting your liver. For the best liver support, I use my Optimal Reset Liver Love daily, to keep my hormones in balance and keep my body from using my skin to push toxins out (this can create acne and more skin issues).

That being said, I love my skincare and makeup products too so I will share them with you here.

I can’t stress the importance of putting SAFE products on your skin! If you eat healthy and exercise, you can’t put harmful makeup and skincare products on your skin (your biggest organ) and expect to feel your best.

I’ve spoken in the past about the company beautycounter. I use them for about 90% of my products because they are safe and they work really well.

To start:

I wash my face day and night with Beautycounter’s nourishing cream cleanser. I like this cleanser because it is extremely gentle and it works for all skin types. Being someone that has dealt with Histamine Intolerance my whole life, I have very sensitive skin. It took me a long time to find a face wash that didn’t aggravate my sensitive skin.


Next up is moisturizer! I would be lying if I said I use one for the day and one for the night time. I use the same one for both. I love this moisturizer because it adapts to your skin type. Being someone with combination skin, this is ideal. This is the countermatch adaptive moisture lotion.


I use this peel at night because I have a lot of brown spots from growing up in Florida. It has really made a difference in the appearance of the spots and the texture of my skin. Plus, like most other peels, it is not harmful to your skin!


Moving on to makeup!…My favorite part! Being a makeup artist in my past, I am really picky about what makeup I will use. The fact is, most “natural” makeup, doesn’t look good on. You can barely see it in fact. One of the many reasons I use what I use, is because it works!


First up is foundation! Remember those brown spots I told you about? Well, this covers them completely! It’s also very moisturizing without feeling heavy. I use a moist beauty blender to apply this evenly. This is the Tint Skin Hydrating Foundation.




For eyeshadow, I go between the Beautycounter pallets depending on my mood! My favorite one is the Velvet Eyeshadow Pallet: Romantic



For Lips, I use almost all of their lipsticks and glosses. Knowing that I am putting safe products on my lips (which I am most likely eating), is very comforting to me. If you think about all the heavy metals and chemicals in most lipsticks, it’s pretty insane.



For mascara, I do not use Beautycounter…I really like one from a company called Tarte. It’s called lights, camera, action and is very low on the toxic makeup index. I order this online from Ulta with this link:


I hope this helps, please let me know if you need any help finding what would work best for you!



Hi, I am Dr. Becky Campbell. I work with men and women who’ve had a health set back and are willing to do whatever it takes to reach optimal health so they can perform their best in their careers and be fully present with their family again.