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Weight Loss

Dr. Becky Campbell is very thorough. She explained how she possibly could help me. She ordered diagnostic lab tests, etc. and developed a plan for me based on the results. In only 60 days, my weight is down, I feel great and my labs are all in the normal range or very close. Functional medicine is the way to go! I have no doubt that working with Dr. Campbell has saved me from having to take several medications for life

– Kathleen


Forever grateful to Dr.Campbell for steering me into the right direction for a healthy lifestyle. Her wealth of knowledge paired with her gentle and non-judgemental manner is priceless. I feel so much better after a year of working through stressed adrenals, Sibo, leaky gut and Mercury toxicity. I have learned so much about my body and could have never accomplished my goals alone, as a matter of fact, I didn’t even have clear health goals!! So thanks to Dr.Campbell and her staff who have been extremely helpful and a pleasure to interact with.


– Jennifer

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For over 20 years I have been struggling with severe Asthma. I was always told that it was from under developed lungs being born premature, I never sought out any treatment other than my preventative inhaler and my rescue. I never thought in a million years that I could have food sensitivities that triggered my chronic asthma symptoms. Dr. Campbell took the time to listen to me and research my specific condition to help me find the reason for my symptoms. Before Dr. Campbell, I frequented the ER. Since changing my diet and avoiding my triggers my asthma has significantly improved. While there is no cure for asthma, my quality of life is back and that; I will be forever grateful for. – THANK YOU DR. BECKY CAMPBELL!


– John

Weight Loss

I am 87 lbs. lighter, I feel great, I don’t need any medications and I know this will last forever. Dr. Campbell has literally given me my life back!

– Susie

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Weight Loss Success

Dr. Campbell has a completely different approach than I have ever heard of and believe me I have tried everything. Through her treatment plan I was able to lose 40 pounds! I feel so good now.

– Amy

No more medicine

Dr. Campbell helped me find the cause of my problems and I was to stop taking 5 medications that I was prescribed. I have been getting more stable every day and I can’t thank Dr. Campbell and her staff enough. They are amazing!

– Frank

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Dr. Campbell did very detailed testing on me to find out what was truly going on with my body and came up with a treatment plan specifically for my body. I have since lost 35 pounds, I have so much energy and I am not losing my hair anymore!

– Bailey

Forever Grateful

I no longer have the symptoms of feeling tired, weak, drained, ect. No more weight gain! I am actually losing weight! I have improved greatly and I am so thankful!

– Charmaine

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Help getting pregnant

My life will forever be changed because of Dr. Campbell and I will thank her every day for helping me get pregnant after years of trying with no results.

– Melissa