Give the Gift of Health: My 2017 Healthy Holiday Gift Guide

Can you believe that Thanksgiving came and went and that Christmas is only three weeks away? The holiday season always seems to creep up on me and figuring out what gifts to buy always presents itself as a challenge. When I started to think about gifts, I started putting together this healthy holiday gift guide to share with you because this year, I am doing things a little bit differently. I have decided to give everyone a gift to improve their health, and here’s why…

Over the long Thanksgiving holiday weekend, I ended up in the hospital visiting a close family friend. His blood pressure was sky high and the doctors weren’t sure if he was having a heart attack or not. After close evaluation, they determined that he needed to start blood pressure medication. The doctors sent him home with two new prescriptions. This family friend has a long history of eating fast food and not taking great care of himself. I had mentioned healthy eating to him in the past, but I didn’t push hard enough…I should have pushed harder but I just didn’t want to come across as being “pushy.”

After he returned home he reached out and wanted to talk about how he could start eating healthy. After just one major modification of not eating any junk food and making more food at home, he experienced significant improvement in his health. After just two days of no junk food and healthier eating, he no longer needed his blood pressure medications. His blood pressure levels began to stabilize naturally all through the power of healthy eating.

Now, I don’t tell you this story thinking that everyone will be able to come off of their blood pressure meds in just two days but I tell you this story because I know the power of healthy eating. I have seen it time and time again and this is just another example of how powerful food can be.

I wanted to share this personal story with you to encourage you to give the gift of health this holiday season. If you or a loved one is in need of a health boost, don’t be like me and wait for things to get worse. If my friend was better after two days of clean eating, think about what I could have done if I pushed harder.

Instead of buying your friends and family something materialistic, think about buying them something that can really turn their health around.

In this holiday guide, I am sharing my top pick for this 2017 holiday season and gifts that I will also be buying for those in my life this year.

This guide features:

  • An elimination diet program
  • Detox shakes (great to reach weight loss goals)
  • Clean skin care & beauty products for adults and kids
  • Essential oils
  • Healthier cooking supplies
  • Kitchen tools to help you cook and eat clean
  • Products to improve your sleep habits

Gifts to Help you Reach Your New Years Health Goals!

  • The Optimal Reset Elimination Diet Program: If you are looking to give the gift of health or kickstart your own health this holiday season, this is the program for you! In my Optimal Reset Elimination Diet program, I walk you through removing inflammatory foods from your diet so that you can uncover potential food sensitivities, boost gut, thyroid, and skin health and feel your absolute best. You can access this program at any time and it even comes with a 30-day meal plan, recipe book, and tools to keep you on track and motivated.
  • Optimal Reset Detox Powder (Chocolate): I designed the Optimal Reset Detox Powder specifically for my patients. It is the perfect addition to The Optimal Reset Elimination Diet Program or for anyone who wants to lose weight, support their liver, detoxify their body, and give themselves an all-day energy boost. I add this to my smoothie every day and it has helped me reach my health goals. Plus, it tastes delicious. Click here to buy the chocolate flavor, or below to buy the vanilla.
  • Optimal Reset Detox Powder (Vanilla)

My Favorite Clean Skincare & Beauty Gifts (and a special gift for him!)

  • Ocean & Pacific Palette: This is a beautiful palette that is back in stock just in time for the holidays. This palette comes with 9 different shades for the face and eyes and just like all Beautycounter products, this contains safer ingredients and is tested for heavy metals.
  • Ultimate Nudes Eyeshadow Palette: This is another one of my favorites. I prefer a subtle more natural look when it comes to makeup and this palette gives you 18 different neutral shades to choose from. This is the perfect gift for anyone who wants a natural look and a product that is much safer than the makeup you find in stores.
  • Flawless in Five by Beautycounter: This is my all-time favorite set from Beautycounter. It contains six safer makeup products that make you look and feel naturally beautiful! This is a great gift set for the makeup lover in your family.
  • Hand Cream Citrus Mimosa: This is a great hand cream, especially for this time of year. It’s perfect for relieving dry skin and contains Shea butter and vitamin E.
  • Counterman Perfect Shave Set: This set comes with an exfoliating face wash, shaving cream, face lotion, beard oil, and a shaving brush. The products in this set are safer than what you would find in pharmacies or department stores and you don’t have to worry about the shaving cream containing hormone or cancer-causing ingredients.

Cleaner Gifts for Little Ones

  • Better Baby Care Set by Beautycounter: If you have a little one in your life this is an adorable set. It comes with a gentle wash, baby oil, and protective balm. This set also comes with a one of a kind stuffed raccoon made by Finn and Emma. This would also make a great gift for a mom to be.
  • The Ultimate Baby Collection by Beautycounter: This is an awesome set for any moms with little ones at home. This set comes with cleaner and safer products for bath time, and it even comes with a diaper rash cream and a super cute diaper bag.
  • Splish Splash Kids Bath Set by Beautcounter: This is the perfect set for the kids in your life. It comes with a body wash, shampoo, and conditioner. All of the products contain a mix of fruit extracts for a delicious and natural scent.
  • Stainless Steel Lunch Box: I pack my kids lunch for school, and it makes me feel good to know that I am using a lunchbox that does not contain harmful toxins. These bento boxes are super cute and you may just find that your kids enjoy lunchtime a little more with the adorable way you can present healthy eating to them.

My Top Essential Oil Gifts

  • Pine Essential Oil: This essential oil makes your entire house smell like Christmas. Instead of lighting artificial candles, try diffusing this essential oil throughout your house this holiday season.
  • Seasonal Wellness SetThis is an excellent set and a great way to give the gift of health this holiday season. This set comes with thieves cough drops, R.C. essential oil blend, and ImmuPro which are chewable tablets that contain an immune supporting blend to keep you healthy this year.
  • Gentle Mist Personal Diffuser SetThis diffuser set comes with a 5-ml bottle of lavender essential oil, and is a great way to have a personal diffuser on the go. I find this to be ideal for travel or even for use at the office.
  • Essential Oil Starter Kit: This is the ultimate essential oil gift. This starter kit comes with everything you need to get started using oils. This kit comes with a diffuser, premium essential oil collection, and additional bonus sample packets. Young Living says that this is the kit to get for anyone who is serious about transforming their lives! I would highly recommend this starter pack if you are looking to get started with essential oils to see what they can do to boost your health.

Gifts for Healthy Cooking

  • Vitamix: This is my favorite blender. It makes all of my shakes so smooth. it is also great for making soups and sauces.
  • Instant Pot: An Instant Pot is a must have for anyone who feels like they are too busy to cook a healthy dinner. The Instant Pot does all the work for you and it has multiple functions so you can use it to saute your dish, make a stew, use it as a slow cooker, and you can even make hard-boiled eggs just to name a few. This is a game changer and there are so many Paleo-style recipes that can be made using an Instant Pot.
  • Immersion blender: I use this immersion blender all the time to make homemade Paleo-style mayonnaise. It is so convenient to use and clean.
  • Green pan: Believe it or not a ton of skillets and cooking pans contain toxins that can leach into your food. Green pan offers products that have a non-toxic ceramic coating, free from PUFAS and PFOA, and contain no persistent pollutants.
  • Glass Baking Dishes: Skip the toxic dishes and opt for glass. With glass dishes, you don’t have to worry about common toxins such as BPA and BPS.
  • Vegetti: This thing makes spiralizing zucchini, carrots, sweet potatoes and any other vegetable of your choice so easy. I enjoy a grain-free diet so making healthy “pasta” dishes is something I do quite often and something my kids enjoy as well. This kitchen tool makes it so easy!
  • Coconut oil: I love coconut oil. Not only is it excellent for you, but you can use it as your primary cooking oil, and it makes a great carrier oil when making homemade lotions with essential oils.
  • Avocado oil: Avocado oil is great when making homemade salad dressings but it is also good for skin health.
  • Thrive market gift cards: If you haven’t heard of Thrive Market you have to check them out! This online store sells Paleo-friendly products at a much cheaper rate than you would find at your local grocery store. A gift card makes the perfect gift of health for anyone looking to eat healthier this year.

Gifts for Better Sleep

  • Sound machine: White noise can greatly improve your sleep. If you find that you or a loved one is a light sleeper, give this sound machine a try. It may be just what you need to get a few extra hours of uninterrupted sleep.
  • Lavender essential oil: Lavender is notoriously known to promote relaxation and support healthy sleep habits. When looking for any essential oil, it is important to choose a high-quality product. I love Young Living Essential Oils. The quality is top-notch and they are seed to seal certified.
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