How to Support Your Thyroid and Adrenals to Reach Your Full Superwoman Potential


So many women today are expected to be Superwoman. Many women I see in my practice are moms, run a business, or dedicate all of their time at their place of work. Women then come home from work to make dinner, take care of their kids, or parents and then try to make time for exercise to try to look good and feel healthy. There is so much put on women today that being Superwoman is almost expected.

This is why when I think of the term superwoman, I think about all women and what they have to juggle. With all that is put on us, it’s very easy for us to lose sight of our superwoman powers.

Here are some of the characteristics I think of when I think about who superwoman is:

  • Strong: Superwoman is strong, resilient, and can tackle anything that comes into her way with strength and grace.
  • Powerful: Superwoman is powerful. She confronts obstacles, tackles them and keeps her power all at the same time.
  • Brave: Us women have to be brave, and superwoman is brave when it comes to reaching her full potential and pushing outside of her comfort zone to get to where she wants to be.
  • Entrepreneur: I see so many women in my practice who are entrepreneurs. Superwomen are self-starters, so it’s no wonder an entrepreneurial spirit comes with the superwoman package.
  • Mother: Mothers are superwomen, bottom-line. We are expected to be superwomen every day by taking care of our families, making dinner, and then taking care of ourselves in the mix of the chaos.


What Does Superwoman Need to Function at Her Best?

Given all the pressure that is put on us women today, in order to function at our best our body needs to be working at its highest potential. This is where functional medicine comes in and where I work with a ton of high-performance women to help them reach their absolute superwoman best.

Here are some of the things superwoman needs to function at her best:

  1. A Healthy Thyroid: One of my specialties in my practice is thyroid health. I see so many high-performance women come to my practice with less than optimal thyroid function. Often times women come to me with symptoms such as hair loss or thinning, weight gain, depression, anxiety, and even low libido. Do any of these sound familiar? Is so, you are not alone and you are not the only superwoman being held back from your full potential due to a thyroid disorder. If your thyroid is out of balance, your entire body is out of balance. The thyroid is necessary for your body to function at its best as thyroid hormones impact nearly even single body process. It’s no wonder that when our thyroid health is out of balance we suddenly gain weight, feel fatigued and suffer from brain fog. Walking around with all of these symptoms is certainly not the way to harness your superwoman powers. As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I work with women to uncover potential thyroid imbalances and then get to the source to correct it. Keep reading, and you will learn my exact plan for how I can help you conquer your thyroid issue holding your superpowers back.
  2. Healthy Adrenal Function: I see adrenal fatigue more and more in my practice. Often times I see it among working mothers who are so burnt out that they just don’t have any time to take care of themselves. They have lost their superwoman powers due to symptoms of fatigue, irritability, difficulty sleeping, and anxiety. How can we function at our best when we feel that way? Adrenal function is one of the key components to functioning at your absolute best. To help balance adrenal function we need to work on balancing stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline. Blood sugar balance also comes into play here. When all of these are out of balance it’s very difficult to feel our best and perform our best every single day.
  3. A Body Free from Toxins: Having a body free from toxins is at the center of performing at our superwomen best! However, this isn’t always the case. I see countless women who come into my practice who have heavy metal toxicities or are in need of a major liver cleanse. Now, this isn’t entirely our fault. Things like pollution certainly don’t help. However, there are things that we can control to cleanse our body from heavy metals and toxins that weigh us down. Buildup of heavy metals such as mercury can cause thyroid dysfunction, and a toxic liver can lead to difficulty losing weight, fatigue, bloating, and acid reflux. These are symptoms that so many high-performance moms suffer from and they can hold you back from your utmost potential. When your body is free from toxins and heavy metals your ability to lose weight improves, you have more energy, and your overall mood will be much better than it was when you were being dragged down! Talk about superwoman powers. Having the ability to feel great every single day is what every high-performance mom dreams of, and this reality could be yours.
  4. Superwoman Diet: Diet is key. There’s no doubt that the food choices you make every single day is going to impact how you feel. If you consume a diet full of processed and sugary foods packed with artificial ingredients you will be more likely to have difficulty losing weight and experience blood sugar imbalances. Eat a diet packed full of superwoman foods and you will have sustained energy to keep up with your job and kids (if you have children) and have the energy to do the things you want to do. A diet designed for superwoman will also help keep you healthy and reduce inflammation. This is all part of my plan I am going to talk about to help you get your superwoman powers back, so keep reading.


What is Superwoman Capable of At Her Full Potential?

Do you remember what it was like during a period of your life when you felt like you had endless energy and could balance it all? For most of us, this may be a distant memory. Trust me, I’ve been there. There was a period in my life where I was fatigued, had gained 30 lbs. and just felt terrible every day. Feeling great and full of energy and able to multi-task was something that had seemed like a distant memory. This was before I started my journey in functional medicine. After uncovering my root cause I was able to harness my superwoman powers and have not looked back. Today I have sustained energy to run a business, keep up with my kids, and take care of myself. This is what I want for each one of you. I want each one of you to be capable of amazing things at your fullness potential. Don’t think it’s possible to do everything you use to do? Think again! It’s totally possible with the proper self-care and adjustments.

Here are some of the things superwoman is capable of at her fullest potential:

  • Keeping up With Her Kids Without Getting Tired: How many of you wish that you could play with your kids without getting tired? I hear this from so many women who come to my practice totally drained and fatigued. Working, taking care of your family, and playing with your kids requires a ton of energy! However, guess what? This is completely possible once you uncover what is holding you back. At your fullest potential, you could be keeping up with all of your kid’s activities, playing, helping with homework and whatever else needs to be done with even some energy to spare.
  • Running Her Business: Many high-performance moms run their own business which again takes a ton of energy. Being a business owner, mother, and wife I know this all too well. Putting so much time into your business can leave you exhausted with little to no energy to spare. When superwoman is performing at her best, has uncovered any potential imbalances, and is eating a superwoman diet running her business becomes ten times easier. While the workload may not become easier, your motivation, focus, and energy improves which makes the world of difference. You may even find you become more successful when you take care of you!
  • Making Food for Her Family: Do you make food for your family, if so do you find yourself dragging at the end of the night struggling to get something healthy on the table? You’re not alone here. Keeping up with the kids, working, and now having to make dinner and prep school lunches for the next day is extremely demanding. When you are performing at your highest potential though this doesn’t seem as daunting. In fact, you may actually enjoy whipping up a healthy meal and finding foods that fuel your body right and support a healthy family. You may even have the energy to include the kids in your cooking to teach them how to eat to support health.
  • Taking Care of Her Parents: So many women are responsible for taking care of their parents. As our parent’s age, often times they need us. Now not only do we have a job to hold down, a family to feed and care for, but we also become caregivers to our wonderful parents. This can be draining if you don’t take care of yourself. Ultimate self-care is essential here and when it’s done right you are capable of balancing it all without even thinking twice about it.

How to Get Your Superwoman Powers Back

Are you ready to get your superwoman powers back? I am here to help all high-performance women harness their superpowers and conquer their goals, keep up with their kids, and feel amazing every day.

Here is how I plan to help you get your superwoman powers back.

  • Testing: As a Functional Medicine Practitioner, I offer thorough testing. I also offer testing that’s more in depth than what you may be offered just going to your regular M.D. We take a look at things like thyroid function, adrenal health, gut imbalances, food sensitivities just to name a few. These tests also look deeper than a modern medicine lab panel would so even if you have been tested for these before and tested negative doesn’t mean you don’t have an imbalance. I take a thorough look at all body systems to determine what exactly needs to be addressed.
  • Superwoman Diet: We can’t be superwoman without a superwoman diet. I address dietary needs of each woman individually. After thorough testing, we come up with a plan that will work best for you. This plan includes superwoman foods such as grass-fed animal protein, veggies, fruits, gut-friendly probiotic-rich foods, and a powerful list of superfoods to help you feel your best each day.
  • Superwoman Exercise Program: Depending on what your test results say, I will develop a specific exercise program to help you feel better and reach your health goals. Exercise is important, but it’s important that you do the right type of exercise for your body. Too much or too little can halt you from reaching your full potential. We will thoroughly review a specific program made just for you.
  • Individualized Programs: It’s important to know that every patient I see is different. After I run testing and we gain a better understanding of what may be going on, I create an individualized plan just for you. This plan will be specifically tailored to help you get your superpowers back.
  • Try a 30-Day Thyroid Reset: Want your superpowers back? I recommend reading my book, The 30-Day Thyroid Reset Plan; Disarming the 7 Hidden Triggers That Are Keeping Your Sick. You will learn everything you need to know about your thyroid and how to take care of it. This 30-day plan will help your improve your health with the help of my favorite thyroid-friendly recipes to nourish your body with delicious meals.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for your superpowers, you don’t have to do it alone. Following my tips can help you regain your health, but setting up a consultation will provide you with personalized attention, an individualized plan, and loving support from a functional health practitioner (hint: that’s me!). If you are dealing with symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease, other thyroid issues, or any other health issues, I invite you to schedule a consultation with me. I can help to identify the root cause of your condition and recommend a personalized treatment plan to repair your body and regain your health and well-being. Schedule your consultation here.


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